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Quantum Field Theory for Condensed Matter Physics


Lecture (physics759)


Fri 10 - 12 h, HISKP Lecture Hall


Contents of the Course

  • Quantum field theory for many-body systems at finite temperature (T>0):

      Functional integral for fermions and bosons

  • Nonequilibrium quantum field theory
  • Theory of open quantum systems: Lindblad formalism
While in the course Advanced Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics of summer semester 2019
we predominantly discussed phenomenological aspects of condensed matter theory, the present course
will focus on methodological aspects of condensed matter field theory.

Recommended Literature

  •  A. Altland, B. Simons, Condensed Matter Field Theory,\\ 2nd edition, Cambridge University Press  (2010).
  •  H. Bruus, K. Flensberg, Many-Body Quantum Theory in Condensed Matter Physics,
      corrected version, Oxford University Press, (2016).
  •  A. Kamenev, Field Theory of Non-Equilibrium Systems,
      Cambridge University Press (2011);   also at
  •  G. Stefanucci, R. van Leeuven, Nonequilibrium Many-Body Theory of Quantum Systems,

        Cambridge University Press (2013).

  •   A. M. Zagoskin, Quantum Theory of Many-Body Systems: Techniques and Applications,

         2nd edition, Springer (2014).


Final exams

There will be two final exams.
The requirement for admission to the final exams is to solve at least 50\% of the exercise problems.
For the written exercise solutions it is permitted to collaborate in work groups of up to three students.
1st  final exam:
February 10, 2020, 09:00-12:00 h, Lecture Hall HISKP
2nd final exam:
March 27, 2020,   10:00-13:00 h, Lecture Hall HISKP


The exercises will take place every second week on Tuesdays from 16–18:00 (Seminar Room 0.002 WP) and on Wednesdays from 16–18:00 (AVZ 218, 2nd floor).

The exercise sheets are handed out on Fridays during the lecture. The solutions should be handed on the second Friday after the sheets have been handed out. Please work together in groups of up to three (not mandatory but recommended). The Problem solutions will be discussed during the tutorial sessions in the week following the solution return date. The week after, we will discuss questions about the lecture, give detailed calculations or take our time to elaborate the problem sheets in more detail.

The tutors are Michael Kajan (kajan(at) and Francisco Meirinhos (meirinhos(at) and Tim Lappe ([Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]).


Exercise sheets

 Exercise 1 (11.10.19)
 Exercise 2 (25.10.19)
 Exercise 4 (22.11.19)
 Exercise 5 (06.12.19)
 Exercise 6 (20.12.19)
 Exercise 7 (13.01.20)
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