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Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

Lecture (physics617)


Time:   Wed 14-15, Fri 10-12

Place:  HS, IAP



  • Periodic lattice structures:
    Discrete symmetry groups, Bravais lattice, lattice with basis, lattice types.
    Reciprocal lattice, Brillouin zone, Bloch theorem, band structure.
  • Fermi liquid theory:
    Concept of continuity
    Fermionic quasiparticles, collective modes of the Fermi liquid,
    particle-hole excitations and excitons
  • Collective excitations of the Lattice: phonons
    Einstein model, Debye model
  • Phase transitions (general):  Mean-field theory  
  • Magnetism and collectice magnetic excitations: spin waves, magnons
  • Mixed electronic and photonic excitations in solids: polaritons
  • Superconductivity: BCS theory



The exercise sheets will be handed out every week on Friday and are due for the next week, Friday in class or room PI 1.055. The exercises can be done in groups of maximum 3 persons.

Date & Time
Place Tutor
Group 1 Mon, 14:00–16:00 (c.t.) HS116, Raum 1.025, AVZ I
Tim Lappe, lappet(at)
Haixin Qiu, haixin(at)
Group 2 Wed, 08:00–10:00 (c.t.) HS116, Raum 1.025, AVZ I Francisco Meirinhos, meirinhos(at)

Exercise sheets

Exercise 1 (19 October 2018)
Exercise 2 (26 October 2018)
Exercise 3 (02 November 2018)
Exercise 4 (09 November 2018)
Exercise 5 (23 November 2018)
Exercise 6 (30 November 2018)
Exercise 7 (07 December 2018)
Exercise 8 (14 December 2018)
Exercise 9 (11 January 2019) 
Exercise 10 (18 January 2019)

Final exam

The exam is on the 8th of February (08.02.2019) at 10:00 (AM) in the Hörsaal I of the PI (Physikalisches Institut).

Second exam

The exam is on the 29th of March (29.03.2019) at 10:00 (AM) in the Hörsaal I of the PI (Physikalisches Institut).


Recommended Literature

Basic Textbooks
  •   N. W. Ashcroft, N. D. Mermin, Solid State Physics. Saunders College International Editions (1976) (and other publishers).
  •   P. Coleman, Introduction to Many-Body Physics, Cambridge University Press (2015).
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Advanced Textbooks  (including methods)
  •   W. Nolting, Grundkurs Theoretische Physik VII: Vielteilchenphysik. Springer (2002) (also in English).  
  •   L. D. Landau, Lishitz, A Course in Theoretical Physics, vol. 9: Statistical Physics, Part II. Various publishers (also in German).
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Specialized Textbooks:
  •   M. Tinkham, Introduction to superconductivity. Dover (2012), McGraw/Hill.
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  •   G. Grüner, Density Waves in Solids. Cambridge University Press (1994, 2000).
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