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      Johann Kroha, 

      Lecture notes, Autumn school on Correlated Electrons, FZ Jülich, 25-29 Sept. 2017, 

      published in "The Physics of Correlated Insulators, Metals, and Superconductors", 

      E. Pavarini, E. Koch, R. Scalettar, and R. Martin (Eds.), Series "Modeling and Simulation" Vol. 7, pp 12.1-12.27 (Verlag

      Forschungszentrum Julich, 2017)

      Anna Posazhennikova, Mauricio Trujillo-Martinez, and Johann Kroha


      Christoph Wetli, Johann Kroha, Kristin Kliemt, Cornelius Krellner, Oliver Stockert, Hilbert von Löhneysen, Manfred Fiebig


      Ammar Nejati and Johann Kroha,

      Proceedings of SCES 2016, Hangzhou, China; J. Phys.: Conf. Series 807, 082004 (2017).


      Ammar Nejati, Katinka Ballmann, and Johann Kroha, Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 117204 (2017).

      Supplemental Material is attached to the article on arXiv.


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