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Group Seminar

Weekly group meeting - every Thursday, 13h c.t. in Conference Room I, PI

Date Speaker Title Cookies
24.06.21 M. Lenk, F. Meirinhos, K. Wojcik Presentations for the Physics of Magnetism '21 conference  


03.06.21 Fronleichnam    
27.05.21 Adjourned  
20.05.21 Adjourned    
13.05.21 Christi Himmelfahrt    
06.05.21 Catalin Halali Fluctuations effects in many-body self-organization in a dissipative cavity  
29.04.21 Marvin Lenk Multichannel Kondo effect in PrV2Al20  
22.04.21 Sayak Ray Quantum critical behavior of ultracold bosons in a two-dimensional optical lattice  
15.04.21  SS kick-off meeting


08.04.21  Semester break    
01.04.21 Francisco Meirinhos Julia Seminar: Intermediate II  
25.03.21 Francisco Meirinhos Julia Seminar: Intermediate I  
24.03.21 Aya Abouelela Floquet-driven topological systems and quantum transport [MSc Colloquium]  
18.03.21 Francisco Meirinhos Julia Seminar: Introduction II  
11.03.21 Francisco Meirinhos Julia Seminar: Introduction I [repetition for the SFB185]  
04.03.21 Francisco Meirinhos Julia Seminar: Introduction I  
25.02.21 ML4Q conference     
22.02.21 Tim Lappe  Non-Markovian Dynamics of Open Bose-Einstein Condensates [Promotionskolloquium]  
18.02.21  Christopher Lietmeyer Interactions of a photon BEC modelled with a Gross-Pitaevskii equation [MSc Colloquium]  
11.02.21 Adjourned
04.02.21 Krzysztof Wojcik Kondo-RKKY phase diagram for narrow-band materials  
28.01.21 Ulli Pohl Dynamics in the Bose-Hubbard model  
21.01.21 Adjourned
14.01.21 Michael Kajan Equilibrium Bosonic-DMFT: Jaynes Cummings models with condensation  
07.01.21 Christmas break
17.12.20 Marvin Lenk DMFT with k-dependent hybridization  
10.12.20 Adjourned
03.12.20 Kateryna Zatsarynna Master equation for periodically driven systems  
26.11.20 Christopher Lietmeyer Interactions of a photon BEC in a dye-filled cavity modelled with a Gross-Pitaevskii equation  
19.11.20 Aya Abouelela Anomalous edge states for periodically driven 2D systems  
29.10.20 Sayak Ray Non-equilibrium dynamics in quantum many body systems: Application to ultracold atomic gases  
10.03.20 Dr. Krzysztof Wojcik
Michael Turaev
Marvin Lenk
DPG preparation meeting - Different day, different place:
Tuesday, 13 c.t., Conference Room II, PI
CANCELLED due to the cancellation of the DPG meeting
20.02.20 Lukas Köbbing Microscopic foundation of the two and three temperature models
23.01.20 Francisco Meirinhos
Solving exact-RG equations with a neural-network-parametrised effective action  
Marvin Lenk
Dynamical Mean-Field Theory for Topological Kondo Insulators


Kickoff meeting 2020

28.11.19 Piotr Majek  Interplay of Majorana and Kondo physics in quantum dots   
24.10.19 Marvin Lenk DMFT II and electrons in infinite dimensions
17.10.19 Dr. Krzysztof Wojcik Quantum phase transition in double impurity problem with genuine RKKY interaction  
25.07.19 Sayak Biswas Random matrix theory and applications  
18.07.19 Marvin Lenk TKIs and the non-crossing approximation (postponed)  
04.07.19 Christopher Mink OSCAR Student Seminar in BCTP  
27.06.19  Michael Turaev Kondo RG with Rashba's spin-orbit interaction  
20.06.19 Fronleichnam

06.06.19 Tim Lappe Slave-particle dynamics in real-time  
30.05.19 Christi Himmelfahrt

16.05.19  Tim Lappe 2-particle correlation functions for photon BECs  
09.05.19 Dr. Krzysztof Wojcik A practical introduction to NRG  

25.04.19 Prof. Eugene Kogan Poor man’s scaling and Lie algebras   
18.04.19 Easter break
Semester kick-off meeting   
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